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Executive Home Membership

Easing your mind after your Home Buy

Ms. Handi Home Services is offering an Executive Home program providing homeowners and renters with lots of PERKS and guides to equip them with the knowledge and tools to ensure the value of their homes and properties. With this membership, you can be assured that your Real Estate investments are protected. 

Our Network of property maintenance specialists offer a wide range of services that can meet your most requested maintenance needs while providing you with monthly & quarterly resources for proper estate maintenance.

Membership Benefits

Protecting your Home is our First Priority!

Home Maintenance Planning & Protection

Top-Notch Service with you in mind

Extended Warranty

Additional 30 days of Protection

Exclusive Savings & Discounts

Save up to 20% off service fees


How does it work?

Executive Home Memberships make home ownership simple by providing the most well known services in home maintenance and repair at a economical monthly price. In addition to what is covered traditionally, our protection plan covers items such as furniture and product warranty registration and discounted home inspections.

What is Covered?

Services covered include Discounted Furniture Assembly, Wall Mounting Services, and Handyman Projects, Smart Home Product Installations, Appliance Service Calls, & Home Inspections.

How much is the Membership?

Executive Home Memberships are a rolling monthly plan that you can choose from & cancel anytime. We offer two plan options; The Home Basics plan is $15.99 and the The Home Premium plan is $29.99. Each plan has a distinct list of options that are covered. To compare plans, click here.

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