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"Top 9 Essential Home Maintenance Tips for February"

Updated: Feb 8

Were well into winter which means the peak of snow storms and colder temperatures. The colder temperatures shouldn't be the reason why you neglect your home. As a matter of fact, it becomes a bit more important because of the potential that cold whether can have on your safety.

Take the time this month to safeguard your home and your neighbors with these 9 helpful maintenance tips.


Check the Roof for Ice Dams, Icicles, and Debris

The roof is the last place you want to experience air leakage and damage and the best way to avoid them is to check your roof for any ice dams, icicles and debris that has collected on the roof. If you live in a region that is prone to snow and ice, installing heat cables may be of help to preserve your roof. If heights are not your thing, or a ladder isn’t within your reach, you can hire a handy person or landscaper to help.

Schedule for your routine HVAC Cleaning or D.I.Y.

It is recommended by the National Airduct Cleaners Association to have your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. If you’re just moving into your home or never recall having it done in the past, completing one as a routine may be ideal. This maintenance measure is a good way to prevent a buildup of indoor air pollutants, allergies, and germs. Plus you can avoid the summer maintenance rush which can lead to long waits and a more expensive price tag. Establishing a quarterly cleaning routine will help to preserve the life of your HVAC system.

Schedule for your routine Dryer Vent Cleaning or D.I.Y.

Dryer vent fires account for 00% of house fires so it is important to establish a routine dryer vent cleaning schedule to avoid such an occurrence. Regularly checking your vents for debris, the lent trap for collected debris, and the engine compartment will aid in minimizing any potential fires. Avoid fire potentials when cleaning your clothes such as oil and gas stained pieces of clothing.

Schedule for your routine Refrigerator Maintenance or D.I.Y.

The refrigerator is kind of like Kitchen Plug-and-Play, you install it and leave it alone...for years. Until one day, something happens, and you need some refrigerator magic. More often than not, we do not maintain the refrigerator and leave the coils to collect debris, working it much harder than it should. Many times, when we purchase a home that isn’t newly built, we acquire the appliances as well, however we are also inheriting any issues that may not be addressed. To give your home value, creating a routine cleaning and maintenance plan will show future buyers how much care you put into maintaining the home in top condition.

Test and Reset all Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacles; Check extension cords and replace as needed.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacles are just long grounded electrical outlets, and they are most important in areas that contain water. You can install them around the entire home to reinforce the electrical system in your home, however the most important area to have them are going to be in your bathroom near your sink or toilet, your kitchen near the sink, and the laundry room.

Test Fire Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Replace the batteries as needed.

We have become so comfortable in our safety that it is becoming common to ignore the signs to maintain it. A common home noise that people tend to ignore is the smoke detector low-battery signal. Although it beeps often, many people have learned to outright tune out the beep risking the potential of a undetected house fire. 

Check and replace any needed Fire Extinguishers

In the event of a fire, Fire Extinguishers help to stop the spread but have no use if they are no good. There are professionals that can properly determine if a fire extinguisher is safe to use and full, however there are some practical ways to check the extinguisher you have and protect yourself if you are unsure. If there is no visible tag to show the age of the extinguisher, replace it. Portable Fire extinguishers should be two years old or younger for effective use. Check the locking pin and press gently to ensure it is functioning correctly. If the lever does not pop back into place or is slow to pop back into place, replace the fire extinguisher.

Schedule for your annual Radon Testing

Radon is radioactive gas that naturally is created by decaying uranium (uranium??). There is a small amount in the air we breathe every day, however if it gets inside the home, there is a potential for the gas to cause lung cancer with long time exposure. With proper home maintenance, the chances of this gas causing harm is dramatically reduced. Getting a radon test done on your home will help identify this potential danger and create a plan to minimize the harmful effects.

Denver Laws on keeping the Sidewalk accessible and Safe during the Winter

Under Colorado Statue 43-5-301, it is prohibited to place snow upon the public roadway, ditch, or Right of Way. Denver is a active city and many of the surrounding counties and cities near Denver have adopted similar statues to further determine who property owners are to manage the snow on their property and the surrounding areas. Ordinances stipulate that it is the responsibility of the landlord or tenet to ensure that the walkways are safe for pedestrian use and most areas require that the snow be removed within 24 hours after snowfall. Fault of Liability could include a Misdemeanor charge, individual civil suit as well as fines issued by the county, up to $1000 and/or 90 days in jail. There are 45 out of the 50 states that have some sort of Snow Ordinance in place.

Spread these simple tasks out throughout the month to make the task of getting them completed simpler on your schedule. Stay tuned to our Instagram stories for your reminders as we navigate this month. If you want to keep your home in the best shape without the added hassle of managing it, sign up for the Executive Home Program. The Executive Home Program combines the services of our inspections, preservation and handy services that automates your Home Maintenance needs. Leave all the work to our maintenance professionals to keep your home in tip top shape.

Click here to learn more about the Executive Home Program and the full February Home Guide!

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